Monday, February 8, 2010

ski vacation~ year 4

Just home from a wonderful ski vacation in Ellicottville NY - Holiday Valley. This was our 4th year running, we travel with 4 other families and together rent a beautiful chalet walking distance from the hill. The chalet windows face part of the hill and this is the view at night.

There were 6 kids traveling with us this year the youngest being 8 - or do I mean 5. *wink *wink and the oldest just turned 14 yesterday, 4 girls and 2 boys. They are great bunch a kids that help each other out and stick together on the slopes. Pipes, Matthew and Sloan were new to boarding this year and all 3 loved it!

I love this photo of Sloan riding the chair lift on her own ~ her wee mousy ears.

We would ski 2 - 3 times a day. when we weren't on the hill you could find us playing clue, crib, putting a puzzle together or in the hot tub. It's a great vacation, outside all day, and coming in hungry - everything taste better after being outside all day. Here's Piper and her zebra helmet.

Oh and we can't forget the kids main staple throughout the trip......pop tarts - 11 boxes between the 6 of them! Most flavors we cannot buy here, and if you look close you'll even see the easy cheese - Yes ~ we love it!

Looking forward to next year!


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  1. Awesome pics and great memories. Thanks for a great time and thanks for the new "names"!