Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Mr. and I woke up to breakfast in bed. Miss.Piper, brought a tray up with 1/2 a bagel, and an apple for each of us along with a homemade card. Super cute.....she did mention that her sister's "bailed" on her and so that's why she scribbled their names off of the card. Down stairs Miss.Lane and Miss.Sloan made us each a card. Miss.Sloan made a necklace for me and she drew a hockey picture for Joe. You can't ask for more than that.

So...this week I was trying to think of something fun to give the family for Valentines, I didn't want to spend money and didn't want to give anything materialistic, I thought we could bake some cookies or make a craft but we seemed to be running out of time. Anyway somewhere along the way an idea popped into my head, cheap, fun and the girls could have some fun with it as well.

I filled a bottle with food colour and water - Late last night I snuck outside after everyone was in bed and wrote a valentines in the snow......

The girls thought it was so much fun that they tried their hand at it in the front yard. They were out in the snow by 8am and wrote their own messages.

Mr. has a birthday at the end of the month, lets hope for snow again and we will have a new palette.

I have to tell you, The Mr. of the house was the sweetest of all. He gave us all tickets to the Raptors Basketball game in March, in the box (I can't wait I've never seen them play and I'm always asking to go) and to top it off he gave me a day at a lovely new spa a block away and the girls each a manicure - how much fun is that!

A very sweet day.


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