Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010 - Day 8

whata* busy week! So busy I can not account for all the time! Monday was a holiday, Family Day. We headed to the park for a family skate and so did every other family in the city! We did have fun though we met up with some friends and headed over to the local pub for a beer.

Later that evening Lane had a hockey game, she is now in the play offs as well as the provincials - this is the first year her team has played together and they are doing well but more importantly have a ton of fun.

We have also been glued to the television watching any and every olympic sport that is televised, and then we watch the replays on the computer in morning while were waiting for Vancouver to wake-up and start it all over again. Piper's school is running their own olympic games this week.

Piper volunteered to make the olympic flag for her class. Joe helped her cut out the rings, and pin them down.

Sloan helped set the sewing machine up and I helped her sew.

It was pretty cute watching Piper sew, we had to jimmy a seat for her and lift the sewing pedal so she could reach it with her toe. As you can imagine the speed varied with every stitch and in some places the material bunched up and, we just kept on sewing. I think it makes it even prettier. In the end Piper added a fancy stitch around the outside.

Piper carried the flag in to the gymnasium with her class close behind, and enjoyed a full day outside at the SWC Winter Olympics.

Till next time - Go Canada!

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