Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Olympics - Canada

Hockey is our Game!

The Canadian women's hockey team celebrates their 2-0 win over Team USA to win the gold.

Canada beats U.S. in overtime, 3-2, to capture men's hockey gold medal at Olympics

Monday, February 22, 2010

rod iron bed

We have had this gem in the garage for years ++. Since we decided to redo the attic and give each of the girls their own rooms - we needed one more bed.
So we pulled her out of storage and took a look at the work that would need to be done.

I started to scrub away at the bed with a wire brush but after 10 minutes knew it would take me a very long time to make any progress and also knew I wouldn't be happy with the results.

Not only did the bed need refinishing it also needed to be welded in one spot. As you can see it has some fun detail.

An hour on the phone and internet and I found a company close by that would sand blast, coat any colour (I choose white...of course) and weld the spot by mid week!

-So I loaded up the van and headed out, true to there word 3 days later we have the beautiful results. Its a double so we didn't have any trouble buying box spring and mattress, we did opt for the 5" box spring (shortest available) and she still sits high, but not bad at all.

Now I need to shop for the perfect linens. Sooo....once I have it all together I will post again.
We now have a lovely old rod iron bed, restored. I love these ikea lights, we've had them forever and keep moving them around.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010 - Day 8

whata* busy week! So busy I can not account for all the time! Monday was a holiday, Family Day. We headed to the park for a family skate and so did every other family in the city! We did have fun though we met up with some friends and headed over to the local pub for a beer.

Later that evening Lane had a hockey game, she is now in the play offs as well as the provincials - this is the first year her team has played together and they are doing well but more importantly have a ton of fun.

We have also been glued to the television watching any and every olympic sport that is televised, and then we watch the replays on the computer in morning while were waiting for Vancouver to wake-up and start it all over again. Piper's school is running their own olympic games this week.

Piper volunteered to make the olympic flag for her class. Joe helped her cut out the rings, and pin them down.

Sloan helped set the sewing machine up and I helped her sew.

It was pretty cute watching Piper sew, we had to jimmy a seat for her and lift the sewing pedal so she could reach it with her toe. As you can imagine the speed varied with every stitch and in some places the material bunched up and, we just kept on sewing. I think it makes it even prettier. In the end Piper added a fancy stitch around the outside.

Piper carried the flag in to the gymnasium with her class close behind, and enjoyed a full day outside at the SWC Winter Olympics.

Till next time - Go Canada!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Mr. and I woke up to breakfast in bed. Miss.Piper, brought a tray up with 1/2 a bagel, and an apple for each of us along with a homemade card. Super cute.....she did mention that her sister's "bailed" on her and so that's why she scribbled their names off of the card. Down stairs Miss.Lane and Miss.Sloan made us each a card. Miss.Sloan made a necklace for me and she drew a hockey picture for Joe. You can't ask for more than that.

So...this week I was trying to think of something fun to give the family for Valentines, I didn't want to spend money and didn't want to give anything materialistic, I thought we could bake some cookies or make a craft but we seemed to be running out of time. Anyway somewhere along the way an idea popped into my head, cheap, fun and the girls could have some fun with it as well.

I filled a bottle with food colour and water - Late last night I snuck outside after everyone was in bed and wrote a valentines in the snow......

The girls thought it was so much fun that they tried their hand at it in the front yard. They were out in the snow by 8am and wrote their own messages.

Mr. has a birthday at the end of the month, lets hope for snow again and we will have a new palette.

I have to tell you, The Mr. of the house was the sweetest of all. He gave us all tickets to the Raptors Basketball game in March, in the box (I can't wait I've never seen them play and I'm always asking to go) and to top it off he gave me a day at a lovely new spa a block away and the girls each a manicure - how much fun is that!

A very sweet day.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Party

The girls were busy writing Valentines over the past few days to get ready for classroom parties. Piper decided to make a special Valentines Box for her classmates to drop their Valentines in. So last night was a busy time at the kitchen table - and this morning - final touches needed to be done ya know!

Yes, as you can see Piper does her best work while sitting on the kitchen table.

And voila the final product - totally cute!
Even Lane walked by and said it's cute - huh Ma?

Piper's big sister Sloan decided to make the bag version - quick easy and fits in the backpak!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - flowers would be nice *hint......


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

before and afters

We have decided to create a new bedroom in the attic for one of the girls. In creating one new room of course now both old and new rooms have to be decorated. It is a slow process and in the next few blogs I will post before and after pics of pieces that I have re-done. When the rooms are finally complete..... you'll have to patient** I'll post finished pics. To start I found this mirror in a thrift shop for $9.00 it was green and I simply painted it white, nothing more needed to be done.

I will be placing it above a dresser in one of the girls rooms, it's huge and heavy, I was thinking of leaning it against the wall but I'm afraid it may fall so on the wall it will go. It has a wee bit of detail, not too much, just the way I like it.

There is not a big difference in tone, the green was fairly nice, but I knew I wanted an overall white theme. In my mind white = clean do you think the girls will see it that way and keep the rooms clean + tidy?

Here is the finished product (my photos not the greatest) like I said not a huge difference but I am so pleased with my $9.00 purchase.

Monday, February 8, 2010

ski vacation~ year 4

Just home from a wonderful ski vacation in Ellicottville NY - Holiday Valley. This was our 4th year running, we travel with 4 other families and together rent a beautiful chalet walking distance from the hill. The chalet windows face part of the hill and this is the view at night.

There were 6 kids traveling with us this year the youngest being 8 - or do I mean 5. *wink *wink and the oldest just turned 14 yesterday, 4 girls and 2 boys. They are great bunch a kids that help each other out and stick together on the slopes. Pipes, Matthew and Sloan were new to boarding this year and all 3 loved it!

I love this photo of Sloan riding the chair lift on her own ~ her wee mousy ears.

We would ski 2 - 3 times a day. when we weren't on the hill you could find us playing clue, crib, putting a puzzle together or in the hot tub. It's a great vacation, outside all day, and coming in hungry - everything taste better after being outside all day. Here's Piper and her zebra helmet.

Oh and we can't forget the kids main staple throughout the trip......pop tarts - 11 boxes between the 6 of them! Most flavors we cannot buy here, and if you look close you'll even see the easy cheese - Yes ~ we love it!

Looking forward to next year!