Monday, February 22, 2010

rod iron bed

We have had this gem in the garage for years ++. Since we decided to redo the attic and give each of the girls their own rooms - we needed one more bed.
So we pulled her out of storage and took a look at the work that would need to be done.

I started to scrub away at the bed with a wire brush but after 10 minutes knew it would take me a very long time to make any progress and also knew I wouldn't be happy with the results.

Not only did the bed need refinishing it also needed to be welded in one spot. As you can see it has some fun detail.

An hour on the phone and internet and I found a company close by that would sand blast, coat any colour (I choose white...of course) and weld the spot by mid week!

-So I loaded up the van and headed out, true to there word 3 days later we have the beautiful results. Its a double so we didn't have any trouble buying box spring and mattress, we did opt for the 5" box spring (shortest available) and she still sits high, but not bad at all.

Now I need to shop for the perfect linens. Sooo....once I have it all together I will post again.
We now have a lovely old rod iron bed, restored. I love these ikea lights, we've had them forever and keep moving them around.

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  1. LOVE this gorgeous iron turned out beautifully!!! And, I also love how you've added the star lights - very cool!!!

    :) T