Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Party

The girls were busy writing Valentines over the past few days to get ready for classroom parties. Piper decided to make a special Valentines Box for her classmates to drop their Valentines in. So last night was a busy time at the kitchen table - and this morning - final touches needed to be done ya know!

Yes, as you can see Piper does her best work while sitting on the kitchen table.

And voila the final product - totally cute!
Even Lane walked by and said it's cute - huh Ma?

Piper's big sister Sloan decided to make the bag version - quick easy and fits in the backpak!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - flowers would be nice *hint......



  1. Loving the girls Valentines Day boxes and bags! Great idea!
    I hope some flowers come your way too!! ; )

  2. Looks like the girl got their creativity from you!