Thursday, October 8, 2009

September Photos

Grandpa and our youngest nephew, Keegan.
This was taken the last day of summer vacation (Sept 7) . We had both sets of Grandparents and my sister's family over for a bbq outside.
September 18th - Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs came to the theatres in 3D. Sloan was so excited to see it, she even waited for all the credits to roll in order to see her friends name on the screen, and we saw it! Ya for David.

We spend my Dad's 70th Birthday at my brothers house in Owen Sound and on the way there I took some photos of the wind turbines in Dundalk. Since taking the photo I have had the chance to read up on the Dundalk turbines, and I have to say its harder to find the positive effect of them than it is to find the negative. I have read a few articles and wonder how much we will benefit from them in the long run. Interesting.

North Bay- Beaucage - Nipissing First Nation Reserve

We have started camping with a group of friends every year up in North Bay. Piper and I swimming in Lake Nipissing at Beaucage Campground.
Here is a photo of some of the gang at dinner time. Fun to eat together.

The bayview

The Bayview - otherwise known as the Candy store when on vacation at Wasaga with kids. Joe remembers it from when he was a kid, and it still has the fry shop in the back!
Lane and Peri digging holes in the sand.
Lane and Joe, nothing better than reading on a sunny afternoon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summer at the beach

Can you tell what's happening here? Lane, Sloan and Piper have some friends at the beach, Veronica and Sophie, between the 5 of them they decided to try rolling Sloan along the beach in the inter tube! I think she liked it.
Piper using the boggie board - we had great weather both times we were at the beach this summer. Thanks to Aunt Sharon and George for offering their cottage to us.

See ~ there's that sunset again. Love it! Oh and I love the summer hair the girls have going on...!
My man, Charlie.
Sisters in the pool.

Wasaga Beach
Catching some minnows and one or two tadpoles

Our Sunset every night. I must have 25 pictures of the sunset - I just couldn't get enough of it! Beautiful.
A few of our friends