Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turning 9

She did it again, Miss P.  turned another older on us! 

The last of the single digits - 9! 

We had 3 friends plus her sisters over for a pool party and some crafts.  Instead of decorating t-shirts like her big sister did at her party, we decided to decorate socks. It was great for little hands and didn't take too long. We also made candy sticks and played the dress -up game once again. 

In the dress-up bag was a coconut bra and everyone was afraid they'd pick it out - but alas Miss P. picked it out and happily wore it.

When someone would ask Miss P. what she'd like for her Birthday she would name of every electronic gadget going, cell phone, ipod, wii, ds, dsi computer and television but in the end we gave her a Fish. A beta fish and she named him "Splash" and said "I'm the luckiest girl in the world". 


Happy 9th Birthday big girl.

Love Mom.

Friday, June 18, 2010

input please

We are in the middle of deciding on a new front door - we love the old one but it lets in a lot of cold air. We are replacing with a solid wood door and have many design options.The top photo is what exists now and the bottom photo is one of the new option. Our front entrance is dark inside and we would like to keep light coming in so a large window is a must. The stain colour will be the same as before - we will have a mail slot (no knocker) and simple handle.
We will change the light fixture on both sides of the door with  larger ones in the future.
Here's were you come in please leave a comment - do you like it dislike it or have any suggestions.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

keegan a BIG brother

Keegan became a big brother on Saturday June 05 2010 - to baby Braydon.

Braydon missed Sloan's Birthday by 3 hours - but still a very special cousin.

Congrats to Uncle Steve and Auntie Sara and of course to Keegan.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

HappY 11th

Beautiful Day for a Beautiful girl. Miss S. turned 11.

We have discovered a very fun game  - Musical dress-up. Pass the bag until the music stops, the child holding the bag reached in and pulls an item of clothing to put on. We chose 3 items per child.

the girls had a pose down and then a parade.

next we make Fruit loop necklaces, bracelets or anklets.

and then it's on to the Birthday cake. In this case it cupcakes, yes, money cupcakes! we had the kids decorate their own once we sang Happy Birthday.

in the photo above the birthday girl is a little frantic....she is telling us that the frogs are melting and their eyes are stating to fall off.

One of the Birthday guests made a stuffed toy for Sloan ~ I think it's the cutest ever.

Also Miss P. made this sign for her Big sister - it took her two days and then she realized she tore the paper and forgot to paint the "Y" at the end of DAY. Too cute.

Happy Birthday Miss S.

Love you,