Friday, June 18, 2010

input please

We are in the middle of deciding on a new front door - we love the old one but it lets in a lot of cold air. We are replacing with a solid wood door and have many design options.The top photo is what exists now and the bottom photo is one of the new option. Our front entrance is dark inside and we would like to keep light coming in so a large window is a must. The stain colour will be the same as before - we will have a mail slot (no knocker) and simple handle.
We will change the light fixture on both sides of the door with  larger ones in the future.
Here's were you come in please leave a comment - do you like it dislike it or have any suggestions.


  1. Ya light is important,other than that ,dont put on upside down and bobs your uncle :o)

  2. I really like it! your home is just darling. Cold air is never good. good choice!

  3. Wow the outside of your house is gorgeous! I really like the door you have chosen, I think the vertical windows tie into the other vertical windows on the front of your house, and you can't beat solid wood. The stain in the first photo is perfect with your colours. Lowes has some really nice affordable outdoor sconces. Have a great week

  4. I love your porch! The stone and vertical siding are beautiful, and while your old door was very charming, your new one looks great too. Changing your light fixtures will really add a lot to the overall look and have you concidered painting the black (or is it dark blue?) trim under the windows on the left tan to match the rest of your trim? Or paint the trim around the door and the large bracket to match the trim under the windows. Or paint all the trim on both sides white to match the ceiling of the porch. I think it might help bring the two sides together but either way, it's very nice.
    ☺ Celeste