Saturday, June 12, 2010

HappY 11th

Beautiful Day for a Beautiful girl. Miss S. turned 11.

We have discovered a very fun game  - Musical dress-up. Pass the bag until the music stops, the child holding the bag reached in and pulls an item of clothing to put on. We chose 3 items per child.

the girls had a pose down and then a parade.

next we make Fruit loop necklaces, bracelets or anklets.

and then it's on to the Birthday cake. In this case it cupcakes, yes, money cupcakes! we had the kids decorate their own once we sang Happy Birthday.

in the photo above the birthday girl is a little frantic....she is telling us that the frogs are melting and their eyes are stating to fall off.

One of the Birthday guests made a stuffed toy for Sloan ~ I think it's the cutest ever.

Also Miss P. made this sign for her Big sister - it took her two days and then she realized she tore the paper and forgot to paint the "Y" at the end of DAY. Too cute.

Happy Birthday Miss S.

Love you,


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