Friday, July 16, 2010

where have we been?

So now that school is out, here are just a few things we've been up to.

Miss.S has been involved in training for triathlons and one of the places to train for swimming is the local gravel pit "James Dick Gravel Pit"  - water is crystal blue with a sand bottom, kids loved it!

We took a trip to the big city and headed to the top of the CN Tower - and of course sat on the glass bottom floor.

We spend the weekend in Chatham for a ball tournament - between the girls we have 12 ball tournaments in 8 weeks - 4 more to go. nothing better than watching ball on sunny day.

We have been to Gravenhurst and had the pleasure of visiting 2 cottages. Miss L. caught our lunch......and Miss Tina and myself cleaned and prepared it for the grill - a bonding experience *wink*wink. A great story to be told.
And finally my handsome beau once again on the slalom ski. 


Thanks to Miss Tina and Handsome Warren for having us up to your beautiful cottage we thoroughly enjoyed you and your family and I look forward to a MUD throwing re know who you are!

Here's to more summer fun.