Monday, May 3, 2010

Walk to School

This year we have the three girls in three different school ....  as you can imagine we are anxiously awaiting summer holiday. This is our walk to school for our youngest (sisters ride the bus) it a nice 15 minute walk through the park along side a river. 

we often stop to throw sticks in the water - *note to self, bring bread for the fish. Now that spring has arrived I will have to bring the camera and capture some of the spring flowers along the way.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Well I am just glad you put pictures up and stories so I can remember what the Westlakes look like and what they have been doing!!! I visit Pickleford lots but never leave a comment - so here you go Jo - a comment - love the pics and it looks like Florida was a blast. You'll have to guess who this is because I can't seem to leave my name........oh, when is Sloan having her ladieessssssssss lunch to celebrate??? :) :) hope to see you guys soon.