Thursday, April 29, 2010

Madeira Beach, Florida

After Disney World we spend the next 5 days in Madeira Beach with Grandma and Doug.Excellent planning on our part - we needed the time to just sit on the beach and rest. The water was too cold to swim in but we had a great pool you can see in the bottom right corner. This photo was taken from our balcony.

While we in Madeira we did some shopping and and plenty of eating out. In the photo below Grandma and Doug took us to the pier for dinner on a patio at Sculley's. We sat on the patio and watched the pelican, and we even saw a few dolphins, I did take photos of them but you can hardly see the dolphins, they are little black blobs in the middle of the blue water.

I played around with this photo of the pelican in photoshop but may have over exposed it too much...whata think? I like how the green colour shows in the wood.

I loved this sign how its patina.

I'm not sure what kind of bird this is but I can tell you he's smart. The boat had just come in from a fishing expitition and this guy waited until there was no one on his side of the boat, he would walk slowly up the box and then jump up onto the box and wait.......without a sound he would dive into the box and quickly come up with a fish! Now we know its the bait box.

I love this photo above as well, I find it kinda funny, the bird just standing there looking around and then you notice he's standing on a stump covered in poop....

I took this shoot while eating dinner on the patio - yes, he was right above me the whole time and  that close. I ate in a hurry all hunched over....come to think of it I ate so fast I can't recall what I had.

Here is Mr sitting on the beach watching the girls collect shells. Everyday after spending time at the beach we would head over for a game of shuffle board

I have so many photos it was hard to choose just a few to share, I may have to post more now and again.

so there you have it our great March Break trip - lucky us 2 trips so far this year and its only April....Hmmmm

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