Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Violin, Cross Country Racing and Baseball

My memory is poor so today's post is about documenting what the girls accomplished this week (it's ONLY Tuesday) so much going on you'll see why I have to post what they're up to, its the only way I can remember. I like looking back on previous posts and am glad I have documented even the smallest details about the girls - it's all happening too fast.

The girls have been busy - Miss L along with her classmates had their adjudication this week for intermediate strings.  The class played two songs in front of a panel of judges. They did very well (not sure of the exact grade, had to run right after and grocery shop) but it was nice to listen to the music and see how far they have come in two years time.

Miss P and S had a cross country meet today, at a nearby conservation area. Both girls ran 2.7km. Miss P finished 23rd out of 172 girls (time 17:10) and Miss S finished 9th out of 170 girls (time 14:13) This was Miss P's first year and Miss S's second beating her time last year. Mr, Charlie and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny day with the girls.

Can you feel the energy?

1st ball game of the season.  Mite Jr. ~ Miss P plays second base and pitcher and despite great efforts we lost the game.  Many more to come, in fact her first tournament is this weekend. Any laundry tips for a white uniform and ground in red clay?

See ya soon.


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  1. what great photos! thank you for stopping by! happy mother's day!! susan