Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice time

For our family it's all about Hockey and Baseball. Since we are heading into the dead of winter I will blog often about the hockey. We are fortunate that all 3 girls love the game and enjoy outdoor rinks.

Many of our friends have taken on the major task of building backyard rinks complete with boards and lights. This lovely family, Mr. & Mrs. Sexy along with teenage son. have created an excellent outdoor haven, not only does it have the boards, nets, lights, music it also has the red line and doubles as a curling surface.

oh forgot to mention they also have an outdoor fire pit! Hockey and beers by the fire - does it get any better than this?

Kids waiting their turn to play.

Every year a few days after Christmas we rent the local arena ice for a few hours to play shinny, its become a wonderful tradition, here is Dad with his very own hockey stars.

Next up ... a few photos I took while everyone was skating. I know there a bit Artsy, but I can't resist!
Enjoy the snow and ice,


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  1. Hey Jona,

    Found your blog - its terrific! I have a confession to make....I LOVE reading blogs!

    All your pics are faboosh! Can't wait to see some from Ellicottville (please be sure to post only FLATTERING ones of me....