Friday, October 22, 2010

texture mini lesson

Here we are. I have soo many photos that get downloaded to the computer and that's it, there they sit. Yes, I print some and make family photo books of others, very nice, but I want to do more with them.

That's when it happened - I came across another blog on the net and the owner had a few tips on how to make your photos pop with texture! She gives great direction and then homework! These 2 photos show a very WEE tiny bit of what I've learned so far. There is sooo much to learn! I know some people might see them as horrible and ugly but the amount of effort to get them to this state is mind blowing........sounds funny to have them look horrible with a lot of effort but I know it will get better. I wanted to post them to hopefully be able to come back to them as a measurement of my progress. Wish me luck.

These photo's are from the neighborhood - Mr. thinks I should do a collection of photos from the hood? Any thoughts?


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