Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mini project

I set myself out yesterday to take pictures. white pictures. I mean anything white, I just needed something to focus on. So out Charlie and I went for a walk around town. This is what I came home with.

My first lesson -  it's not easy to take white photos in the middle of the fall when everything is so beautiful with colour.

I took the next picture which was very grey and thought it's close enought  to white - right? Maybe it doesn't count as white....

 I think this one does count because the background (white siding) is white - am I stretching it here?
So the project was a lot harder than I thought - I must have taken 50 photo's in an hour an honestly came back with 2 white photos. It wasn't a complete loss I do have some great fall pictures (I'll post later this week) I like the challenge of shooting a certain colour  - I'll try white photos again in the dead of winter!

This photo below is what I recieved from Mr. for our anniversary - he choose all the flowers himself.....beautiful .........every time I walk by those flowers I feel a mixed message - what do the thistles mean?

Oh by the way I gave Mr, a special hockey addition bottle of Crown Royal for an anniversary present, on the card I wrote,  "Drink Up you may need this to stay with me another 18 yrs". He laughed.
 Romance is over rated. wink* wink*

Have a fun week,


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