Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad

Last weekend we celebrated Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary with a open house in our home town, a drop in from 2-4.

Wow did the people come. 

It was great for my parents and for all of us. We saw old friends and neighbors from our child hood, it was great to catch-up with everyone. 

This photo is of my Mom the day before the party helping with the decorations.

 Its not easy to decorate a community centre but with help of my sister, Mom and myself I think we did a fine job. My girls painted the "happy 50th anniversary" banner - very colorful, just what we needed.

This is Dad pretending to pin a corsage on my Mom's shirt - it didn't work so well. In fact 3 more people tried to pin it as well and finally we decided it would make a great cake decoration.

I intended to take many more photos but once people started to show up, I started talking and stop taking photos.

After the drop in we headed over to the Flying Club for dinner. Between dinner and dessert we had speeches and my Uncle and his son-in-law put on a skit about my parents life. There is nothing funnier than a man dressed as a women holding his/her breast!

We had some great speeches and on behalf of my brothers and sister I put together a slide show presentation - one of my brothers lives in Sweden so in order for him to see the slide show I have now put it on You Tube - check out Audrey & Jack memories

We had a small wedding cake for Mom and Dad, the bride and groom on the top of the cake is the original one used on their cake 50 years earlier. (My Grandmother bought it for .89 cents at the "five and Dime").

My Mom and Dad were married on October 14th 1960

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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