Monday, March 28, 2011

Am I Crazy?

 Am I Crazy?
This couch is sitting on the neighbour's front porch and....... I love it! 
I love it - I see soo much potential.

Its a beautiful red velvet with wonderful wood detail. Can you imagine it re-upholstered in linen and the wood painted white. It has 4 cushions so I would re-design it to be 3 but keep the the same puckered back (proper terminology ???). I bet it would be a pretty penny to have re-upholstered.

 It looks super long ~ I took the photos from the sidewalk so I haven't had the up close and personal look yet.

 I think it could look something like this.

Am I crazy?

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  1. You are nowhere near crazy. That red couch is gorgeous and has tons of potential, whether it be crafted into a luxurious couch with a rich jewel tone velvet, or minimalistic like your picture. Are you going to ask them for it?!? I found your blog on Beach Cottage's Saturday Club and thought I'd stop by and say hello~