Monday, January 31, 2011

blender with a capitol B

I was in bed last week for the majority of the week. I had some oral surgery done (details are gross) but I am on the mend, swelling has decreased, off my pain killers but still blending all my food. 

This photo is a reminder of how much time I spend in bed. 
I have used this image in the past but wanted to try some textures on it. At first I loved it, the darkness, the way the star lights glow, the eery feeling...... But now that I'm looking at it again, I'm not so sure.
I guess that's how I felt last week, for the small amount of time that I was conscious. 

Like I said I am on the slow mend and I have our ski vacation next week to look forward to. So next week I will take some lovely white snowy photos, brighten them up am mak'em pretty.

Til then, take care.


Miss L's head board - photo by westy

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