Saturday, June 20, 2009

Laaadies Lunch May 03 09

May 3rd 09 -
Fundraiser for Bark Lake

Lane and Peri served lunch and entertained the Laaadies on a sunny afternoon in May. The girls are heading to Bark Lake Haliburton Highlands on a school trip for 3 days in June. We asked the girls to raise 1/2 of the funds for the trip. They decided to have a Luncheon inviting Laaadies and asking for a $10 donation they were both able to meet their goal and on Monday they paid for the trip! Thank
you Laaadies for your support. Thank you Dad's for the help and Thanks to Sloan and Piper for serving.

Menu - Veggie Panini, stawberry spinch salad, mini cheesecakes with raspbarry sauce. and of course Sagrias, lots of Sangrias!

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